[Sherborne Mercury (SM) 9 October, 1775] [By coincidence] "The Eagle [Falmouth] packet, Captain Nichols, left Charles-Town the 23rd August, and brings advice that an armed schooner, fitted at Connecticut, had fell in with the Betsy, Capt. Losshouse, bound to St. Augustine of the bar of that place; they took the powder out, consisting of  500 barrels, and carried them into Carolina. Remarkable though the ship was loaded with all sorts of Government stores for the Governor of St. Augustine, they took nothing but the powder.  The Carolinas are set upon fortifying Charles-Town in case of attack by men-of-war."

SM 19/1/1778: The manner which the Captain of the Eagle, [Falmouth to] New York packet was taken prisoner, was as follows: On sailing down the Delaware, the Eagle got foul of a transport, and received some damage, to repair which, some ironwork was necessary; the Captain therefore, with the ship's Armorer and Cook, went on shore at Newcastle, in order to get the use of a forge, for the Armourer to work at repairing the iron; whilst they were on shore, a party of Light Horse, who were out foraging, came to Newcastle, and it is supposed were informed of their being on shore; they came to the place they were at, and tapping the Captain on the shoulder, asked who he belonged to; this sudden question disconcerted him, as he told them he was the Captain of the packet, on which they took him into custody;  the same questions being put to the Armourer, who was at his work, and the Cook, who was at the bellows, blowing the fire, they answered boldly, they belonged to the town, which satisfied the Americans, who went off, taking the Captain with them behind one of the horsemen.

January 1778, Capt Charles Flynn of Weymouth [Falmouth packet] and Capt. William Nichols of  Eagle [Falmouth packet] are prisoners of the rebels - please arrange exchange or release. [Qf. Post Office Archives, Post 1. 10, (p.255)]

Capt. Nichols was captured by a party of rebels light horse while ashore at Newcastle (at the head of Delaware estuary, South of New York) to get ironwork caused by a collision during a gale in Delaware - please exchange or release.. [Post 1. vol. 10, 2/2/1778]

Thus, it would appear that Eagle packet was released, however, Eagle was later taken, in September,1778, Capt. Nichols received £3,417-6-0d after capture and transferred to Swift  (Post Office owned packet).  PHIL A/4/1 Courtney Library, Truro. [Qf.  Post 1.11.]  (Accounts follow)